Henrique Campos arquitecto arquiteto architect architecte

The Architect

Henrique Campos graduated with an undergraduate degree in Architecture and subsequent masters degrees in Architecture and Urbanism from 'Faculdade de Arquitectura e Artes da Universidade Lusíada do Porto'. On completing his Masters (Natural Contexts and Urban Meshes), he truly realised his passion for architecture and he then went on to study business skills, high performance in public and photography. Having worked in different contexts and with a passion for designing projects across all scales, his experience includes design of private homes; urban furniture; sports complexes and international competitions.

He was born in Oporto, Portugal and from a young age, he has had a keen interest in the arts and in particular the field of architecture, design, street art and photography. His creativity and curiousity inform his personality and determine the unique nature of each project he undertakes, often sketching and model making to convey his thoughts. His aim is to design spaces with the users in mind, while taking into account formal and informal elements. As an architect, he is driven by the challenge of designing for human comfort, both directly for clients and in collaboration with architecture and design offices. Always fascinated about materials, textures, processes and fabrication he always brings his love for urban photography, travel and art into his work and entered a number of successful design competitions with his work being exhibited and published internationally.

A fan of adventure, risk and new challenges, he has recently moved from Brazil to France establishing a link with the International market. He plans to work and explore the rich connections between Portugal, France and Brazil.


You can browse a selection of Henrique's projects here: